Presentations for general public

The Heroine's Journey in Literature: How We Got From Elizabeth Bennett to Lizbeth Salander

  • Uses examples from novels and movies
  • Contrasts traditional vs. modern heroines

Magic in the Mountains: The Story of West Virginia Glass

Flawed Characters in Southern Literature

  • Classic examples likeFaulkner's "A Rose for Emily" and Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind"
  • Modern examples like Conroy's "The Prince of Tides" and Cooper's "Purple Jesus"

Presentations for Writers

The Heroine's Journey for Writers

Women travel down different roads than men and fight different dragons. This workshop looks at the female journeyin detail, including the major plot points in shaping a novel with a female protagonist.

The Beat Goes On: Writing and Tagging Dialogue

Beats are a great way to avoid speaker tags with your dialogue, but they can become clich├ęd if overused. This workshop will help writers avoid the pitfalls of trite beats and offers practice in shaping interesting action to set up dialogue.

Plot Points

  • Examines the plot clock and explains how to use it to guide the structure of your story.
  • Explores the hero's journey archetype
  • Considers novel structure as a three-act or a seven-act play

The Power of Place

This workshop looks at the setting of a story as a crucible that unites characters and conflict. The workshop will teach you to harness the power of place to fully flesh out believable characters.

We explore making full use of locale, historical era , time, weather, season, natural light, a character in conflict with the setting, the “Third Element”

Jazz Up Your Nonfiction with Fiction Techniques

  • Hooks, Scenes, Characters
  • Retrospective Narrator vs. Protagonist

The Perfect Imperfect Character

Whether you are writing a romance novel, science fantasy, or literary fiction, every story needs a strong main character. In this two-hour workshop, you will create a quirky hero for your story and a well-matched opponent. With step-by-step guidance and feedback, this workshop will help you design characters ready to rock the pages of your story.

The Perfect Scene to Showcase Your Character

Scenes are the building blocks of every story. In this two-hour workshop, you will write a complete scene that places your hero in conflict with a worthy opponent. With step-by-step guidance and feedback, you’ll use action and dialogue to create the kind of tension that will have readersturning the pages to find out what happens next.




Paula Kiger, editor with The Big Green Pen, with Donna at the book launch for The Glass Madonna.


Writing buddies: Rhett DeVane, Donna Meredith, and Peggy Kassees at the book launch for The Color of Lies.

Publishing Bootcamp Workshops

with Donna Meredith and Darryl Bollinger